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....feeding our neighbors more than a meal.



We will be forever grateful to the Beaverton First United Methodist Church Community for being the host site of Faith Cafe’s Sunday and last Thursday dinners since it's opening in 2005. Limited space made it necessary for the Faith Cafe Board to discuss alternative sites. In January of 2012, the members of Bethel Congregational United Church of Christ, graciously voted to be the new host site for Faith Cafe. Just two blocks south of our original location, at 5150 Southwest Watson Avenue and 7th, please come join us for dinner service starting at 5pm.

How do you define success? We began Faith Cafe with the hope that the need for free hot meals would diminish and we would be "put out of business". We have celebrated with some guests who have obtained jobs and are no longer in need of our assistance, but unfortunately many more people have been affected by the downturn in the economy and have made their way to our door for food for themselves and/or their family. The attached table reflects the need in our community


Year  Guests
2005 2328 2676
2006 4260 5004
2007 4324 5821
2008 4252 6389
2009 6528 8933
2010 7364 9217
2011 8256 11320
2012 8688 12259
2013 8346 11332

We have been blessed to be in a position to serve our neighbors who are hungry for food and community.