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....feeding our neighbors more than a meal.


Educate Yourself

You may think it strange that in Washington County(WC),home of large companies like Nike and Intel with average home values around $314,000, that there would be a need for a hot meal program like Faith Cafe to supply necessary food.

Consider these statistics:

* 47 Washington County school had more than 50% of their students
eligible to receive free or reduce lunch. One school had 91.33% eligible

* In 2013, 2450 children in Washington County below the age of 18 were
considered homeless.

* 74% of households in Washington County reported incomes below the
federal poverty line. 84% reported not having enough money to feed
their families.


While we are primarily concerned with hunger, poverty in Washington County is a key indicator and the cause of many of the hunger problems we face. Conditions of poverty exist when people are unable to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, heat, utilities, clothing, transportation, and health and childcare. They must choose which basic need to fill.

In Washington County during 2013 the median price of a home was $300,000, among the highest in Oregon. Housing is considered unaffordable if it costs are greater than 1/3 of the household monthly income. A family needs an annual income of $35,000 to afford an average 2-bedroom rental unit in Washington County. This puts families at risk for financial crisis. One unexpected expense can be catastrophic. A two-parent family with three young children would need $65,868 in annual income to pay for basic needs.


These are astonishing statistics!
How Can You Help?

  * Volunteer - Interact with our hungry neighbors one on one, hear their stories.
 * Donate to an organization that is changing lives.
 * Advocate for long-term social change. Vote!